About us

My name is Olga Makarova, I am loving mother of my son Kiril and part-tme toy designer. When my son was born, everyone was surprised at how big he is, and we called him mister big since childhood, where the name of our brand MR.BIGZY came from with the image of giraffe. The love of son motvates the creaton of useful and safe toys for his development and this has grown into a real family business.

We are producers of children’s wooden toys of the new generaton. The principles of our company follow the belief that toys are obliged to bring joy and beneft to the children, they must develop the baby from an early age, educate them as a creatve and thinking child. Wooden Toys Mr. Bigzy helps to develop imaginatve thinking, allows children to show creatvity, train logic and mindfulness. At the same tme, the game process is easy and fun for the child.

Our toys resemble the constructor, they are dynamic: magnets, velcro fasteners, many multcolored elements allow to make the game process creatve, expressive and fascinatng.

The products of our company are represented in many markets: Russia, EU, USA, Canada, China, Spain, Moldova, Italy, Turkey, Korea. The company carefully controls the quality of the products at all stages of producton, achieving strict compliance with the established requirements and standards.

Mr. Big Toys — made in Russia, made with love for children and for their safety!