Wooden constructor on magnets «Berry Pie»

Wooden toy «Berry Pie» is designed to develop fine motor skills, imagination, attention, creative and logical thinking, learning to count and forming the cognitive activity of the baby.

Separate ingredients from which can be prepared by the mother’s, grandmother’s or their own pie recipe and many other useful dishes:

  • The cake consists of 6 separate pieces, connected with velcro, which produce a very pleasant crunch when cutting
  • Elements for decorating the pie — 66 colorful and incredibly mouth-watering berries and fruits
  • Elements in order to properly serve dessert to the table — a wooden knife and a tray
  • The recipe book is designed to help you diversify your activities with your child, and includes many useful tips

«Berry pie» is a developing game for children aged 2 to 7 years, which will become the first culinary guide of the baby and will teach him to enjoy not only the absorption of sweets, but also from their preparation, and even for fun!

Development with the help of «Berry Pie» is a fascinating process, in the center of which there is cognitive motivation and a keen interest of a child who does not die out after the first hours of using a new toy.

A large number of details and the ability to create something new with their help each time, using their own imagination and adult tips, opens up a wide field for activity before the child.

Developing aspects are the main ones in the application of this toy. For the youngest, it is a tool that ensures the development of fine motor skills and attention, cognitive activity and accuracy. Older children acquire in the «Berry Pie» the central element for organizing collective interaction with peers, parents, educators. They learn team play with peers, for the first time they try to think logically, discuss various options for solving a common question and jointly choose an exit from controversial situations.

With a set from «Mr. Bigzy cake will be released to glory!