Magnetic Developing Designer «Giraffe’s Birthday. Bigzy »

Educational magnetic puzzle game «Happy birthday Mr. Bigzy» is a wooden figurines of funny animals on magnets. The set includes 30 parts with which you can collect 10 different animals, each of which consists of 3 separate parts and a magnetic base-plate, on which it is very convenient to fasten figures and play.

The game with puzzles develops attentiveness, fine motor skills, imagination, logical thinking, visual perception, perseverance:

  • small size puzzle elements, which is convenient for small children’s pens
  • the parts are sturdy, all surfaces are smooth and perfectly polished, and the corners are rounded
  • environmentally friendly wood material — birch plywood, pleasant for children’s pens and contributes to the development of tactile sensations

MrBigzy Toys — MADE IN RUSSIA, done with love for children and for their development!