Wooden magnetic constructor «Funny caricatures»

The game «Funny caricatures» is a set with which you can create many different characters. The child is encouraged to experiment with the oval face, complementing it with all the necessary details, including the eyes, nose, lips, hair and clothing.

The kit includes the following parts:

  • 1 base — the oval face in the frame (silhouette, on which there are no eyes, nose, lips, hair, clothes);
  • 82 additional elements on magnets designed to create a face, including the nose, lips, eyes, hair, beard, eyebrows, glasses, mustaches and clothing.

The child himself chooses any details to «draw» a boy, a girl, an adult man or woman. He can create separate characters or whole families, the company of his friends or his older brother / sister. Coming up new characters, the kid gets a great pleasure, because at the initial stage of development he only learns to create something new, and «Funny cartoons» help him in this.

The game is intended for preschoolers and schoolchildren, so it opens up wide opportunities for the development of mental and physical qualities of children of different ages. For the youngest, it becomes an exciting journey into the world of a fairy tale, the characters for which they can think up and create on their own so that then, under the guidance of adults or without their help, invent adventures for their creations. With the help of «Funny caricatures» kids from 3 to 5 years develop a small motor skills. The game stimulates cognitive activity, expands children’s horizons, allows you to learn how to show imagination, provides everything necessary for the development of logical thinking. It helps to study the emotions of a person, transmitted by the facial expressions of a fictional character. Playing, the child can explain the most complex abstractions — the mood of a person: joy, delight, thoughtfulness, sadness.

Children aged 5 to 10 years with pleasure play in «Funny caricatures» without the help of adults with other children. That’s why the game is an ideal tool for developing the independence of schoolchildren, it helps to identify the child’s leadership qualities and provide timely assistance in their education. Playing in the circle of peers, creating new faces, children do not just show imagination, they learn to interact with each other, help each other, prove their point of view, defend their position.

«Funny caricatures» is a tablet game that develops, entertaining, which makes it an excellent assistant for loving and caring parents, experienced educators of specialized preschools and primary school teachers.
«Funny caricatures» — a safe game for children of all ages!

Like all the toys produced by the company «MrBigzy» «Funny caricatures» are made of natural birch plywood. They are absolutely safe for children of any age. The kid play with them as long as it takes, it will not do him any harm. Wooden toys on magnets are equally fascinating and harmless!

MrBigzy Toys — MADE IN RUSSIA, done with love for children and for their development!