Wooden doll dressing toy on magnets «Gentleman «Fashionable wardrobe»

«Fashionable wardrobe» — an ideal activity for a stylish kid of 3 years of age, equally interesting to both the boy and the girl.

The game will be the first step of a beginning mod to create a subtle sense of taste and the ability to combine different elements of the wardrobe in color and style, help to uncover the creative potential and sense of beauty that a modern boy can not do without.

«Wardrobe» — this is one of the first toys of the growing child, so it combines entertainment and developing opportunities. In the process of the game — choosing the necessary element of clothing, changing the doll — small motor skills, attention, accuracy, logical thinking, imagination develop, cognitive activity, interest in playing activity, ability to cope with difficulties, skills of independent or collective play are stimulated. The child learns to distinguish the elements of the wardrobe that can be used to train the counting process. This game allows the kid to learn colors and seasons, and then months, because for different times of the year the doll will need a different wardrobe.

«Fashionable Wardrobe» — it’s safe!

All the toys from Mr.Bigzy are created with love for children and care for them, which is why they use exceptionally environmentally friendly materials. «Garderobchik» is made of natural wood of excellent quality. To produce bright and juicy colors of clothing elements, safe paints are used. Any elements of the game are harmless even for the smallest!

«Fashionable Wardrobe» is interesting!

The game consists of a doll made of natural wood and many elements of the wardrobe, on the back of which there is a magnet, due to which clothes are sitting on the boy as if poured:

  • outerwear (coat, scarf)
  • headgear (baseball cap, hats)
  • business clothes (suit — jacket, pants, shoes)
  • clothes for rest (shorts, sweatshirt, jeans, T-shirt)
  • pirate and cowboy costumes (boots, hats , pants, shirt)
  • shoes (boots, sneakers, shoes)
  • accessories (glasses, pirate dressing)

So, the baby will have, what to wear on favorite doll. A wide variety of clothes opens up wide opportunities for creating different scenarios of story games. For example, a baby can be asked to collect a suitcase for a doll, going on summer vacation, or dress it for a winter or autumn walk. He will gladly dress up his favorite doll again and again!

MrBigzy Toys — MADE IN RUSSIA, done with love for children and for their development!