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We are a Russian manufacturer of wooden toys for children of the new generaton.

The principles of our company follow the belief that toys are simply obliged to bring joy and beneft to the child, they must develope the baby from an early age, educate them as a creatve and thinking child.

Wooden Toys Mr. Bigzy help to develop imaginatve thinking, allows you to show creatvity, train logic and mindfulness. At the same tme, the game process is easy and fun for the child.

The founder of the company is a young mother from Moscow and toys designer, independently
develops the idea and design of each toy. The products of our company are represented in many
markets: Russia, EU, USA, Canada, China, Spain, Moldova, Italy, Turkey, Korea. The company carefully
controls the quality of the products at all stages of producton, achieving strict compliance with the
established requirements and standarts.

Today the list of products of the brand Mr. Bigzy includes more than 20 names of own games! Our line
of toys is constantly growing and developing.

For further questions please contact us:

Sales manager
+7 (968) 611-18-18