Before small crumbs, the world around us reveals so much unknown and interesting! How is it possible and right to talk about the whole baby without losing this sea of ​​knowledge and information? What kind of toy to choose a baby to develop? What do parents need to know before buying a toy?

What is educational toys for children?

Developmental toys are harmonious, all-round development of the baby in a light, unconstrained form. Performing game tasks, the kid learns to cognize the world, systematize and analyze the data. All the skills obtained during the games will be useful to the kid for further training. And the acquisition of knowledge will be associated in his imagination with fascinating fun, fairy tales and creativity.

Educational toys. At what age should I start

Beginning to know the world around you can and should be done from birth. Constantly talk with the baby, read to him stories, sing songs. Even the smallest crumbs perceive and assimilate much more information than you think. And parents will help bright and beautiful educational toys in the «right» presentation of new knowledge.

Newborns like colorful objects, which you can watch. It can be all kinds of modules, pendants moving in space, with music. For the development of tactile perception mats with different types of tissue will be useful. From six months, you can buy a baby toys, through which he will learn to perform simple movements, will try to simulate sounds, imitating toy animals.

These are rattles with moving attachments, cloth books in which each page sounds and rustles «in its own way.» Very much like children’s walkers with gaming panels. The panels can be made in the form of connectors for the corresponding figures, which the kid must be picked up on his own. Or represent a vivid picture of animals with buttons that mimic the «language» of this or that beast.

Developmental toys from 1 year to 3 years

From 1 to 2 years, the most active perception and study of the world around the baby. It is at this age that you can begin to introduce the child to more serious developing toys.

It can be colored cubes for building towers or small pieces of wood. Folding them, the kid will learn to distinguish the colors of the action and try to unravel the principle of the interaction of objects. At the age of 1 to 3 years, children are interested in toys that help to understand cause-effect relationships. They like to solve the simplest logical tasks that can be wooden magnetic tales. From the age of 2 it is possible to put together a designer or magnetic puzzles with a toddler, a fairy tale consisting of a small number of details.

Educational toys from 3 to 5 years

During this period, the game can be even more complicated. In the designer should be added details, more universal in form, for example, the wooden constructor of the profession. The child learns to fantasize and from the improvised means to create the objects necessary for him.
This is the age of millions of «why», so board games with question-answers will now become one of the most interesting entertainment. A variety of magnetic designers, wheelbarrows, pizza craftsmen will help master the first creative approach.
Directing and correcting the baby, give him more independence and opportunities to dream up. After all, even from the most common materials, you can create a fairy world, «planting» in it favorite heroes and fictional characters Mr Bigzy’s birthday.