Wooden constructor with magnets «Pizza Master»

«Pizza Master» is a game designed to develop fne motor skills, imaginaton, atenton, ,reatve and
logi,al thinking, learning to ,ount and forming the ,ognitve a,tvitt of the babt.

Opening the box, you see not completely ready-made goodies, but individual ingredients from which it can be cooked and many other useful things:

  • Pizza consists of 6 separate pieces, connected with velcro
  • Elements for decoratng pizza — 66 mult-colored and incredible mouth-watering ingredients
  • Accessories for properlt serving pizza to the table — a wooden knife and a trat
  • The recipe book will help tou to diversift actvites with the child and give useful advices

«Pizza» is a developing toy, with a multitude of scenarios for methodical studies. It is aimed at developing fine motor skills, logical and creative thinking, stimulating game activity, positive attitude to collective and independent play, it teaches the little person to make decisions, interact with adults and odnodoks, reveals the creative potential of the child and shapes his social position, for the first time the leadership qualities of the baby are shown and formed.

Pieces of bacon and broccoli, shrimps and tomatoes, cheese and pepper, as well as a host of other additional items equipped with a magnet for attaching to the dough, can be used not only for creating delicacies, but also as a mosaic for teaching purposes, helping the baby to develop , playing.

With a set from «Mr. Bigzy «pizza will be released!