There are not so many types of magnetic constructors for children. But the wooden magnetic constructor still has significant differences from the classical sets of sticks and balls. Such toys are more wooden than magnetic and closer to children’s puzzles or cubes.

Wooden constructors on magnets are sets of wooden parts, in which are mounted (pasted) small magnets, usually in the form of a disk. When building, for example, a house made of such details, the magnets touch and keep them relative to each other, due to which the construction is stronger.
The magnetic fastening is strong enough to keep the small structure from breaking.

Such toys are designed for children sooner or younger. Complex geometric shapes can not be constructed from them. In the part of the sets, the construction is already laid, i.e. you just need to collect it. This does not mean that they are uninteresting to children, just to every age.

In large sets, there are many building elements of different shapes. These are cubes, cylinders, plates, triangular elements, segments of circles, wheels. From such parts it is possible to build models of cars, designs in the form of animals, houses and palaces. There is where to play out to children’s fantasies.