Once, toys made of wood had practically no alternative for the overwhelming majority of families with children. Today, this niche is almost entirely occupied with plastic products, often not of the highest quality. Some sellers still offer factory toys made of wood, but their prices are impressive. The way out of this situation can be wooden toys with their own hands. For their manufacture, it is sufficient to have minimal skills of mastering simple woodworking tools.

Popular wooden toys

Wood — an excellent material for the manufacture of a variety of objects and things of daily use. Some of them will require you to be highly skilled, but making many wooden toys with your own hands is quite easy. Among them, first of all, are developing items for children up to four years old:

    Wooden magnetic tablets «Magic Fairy Tale»
    Wooden constructor «Pizza Master»

As children quickly learn and grow, such fun attracts their attention for a short time. Therefore, you should learn how to make more complex wooden toys with your own hands. Among the most popular toys of this kind are:

    Wooden constructor «Merry cartoons»


In order to make wooden toys with your own hands as qualitatively as possible, for their production it is necessary to take well-dried wood. Since most parts of such products are small in size, you will need extreme care when working with the material. The thinner and smaller the wooden part, the easier it is to split. The final finishing of the finished toy can be done in color, with the preservation of the natural texture and color of wood, in the technique of burning. Remember that varnishes and paints for decorating surfaces should not contain volatile compounds and heavy metals. The presence of small details in the toy significantly increases its value in the eyes of the child.